Mine. (Again.)

People always ask: “What kind of books do you like to read? What kind of movies do you watch? TV shows? What music do you listen to?” I say good ones. I don’t go for genres. I don’t like sitcoms as a rule, but once in a while I find one I like. I don’t […]

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I’m okay… but maybe I’m not

Tomorrow (or yesterday, when I post this) I have a New Patient appointment. Yep, I’m starting over again with a new doctor at the county hospital, one who can refer me to the specialists I need. I hope. I don’t want to go. But I was hospitalized 13 months ago – that’s more than a […]

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Dogs Are Lucky They Don’t Read

This morning, my blind dog went in the back bedroom. He doesn’t usually go in there, but I could hear his toenails tapping on the wood tiles. I knew what he was doing. He was walking around and around and around in circles. When he first started circling, it bothered me. I was afraid. I […]

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Marching 101: a Simple Explanation

People have had a couple days to figure out the women’s marches that took place on Saturday.  But from what I read on the internet, some of you still “don’t get it”.  Some people have trouble learning things and need a bit of help.  Let me try to help you understand.  In simple terms: what […]

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Women’s March: Why I March

UPDATE (1/22/17): What a wonderful day it was!  An incredible turnout of marchers, all over the world!  A couple of pics:   And this! Check out the Disability March page. https://disabilitymarch.com/2017/01/22/libby-block/  – – – – – original post: I am marching today in the Women’s March on Washington DC – along with sister marches in […]

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The Thing I Made

I made a thing. It’s a hat. But it’s not just any hat.  It’s a Pussyhat. *  I crocheted it with my own little hands in a pretty Tunisian stitch.  I don’t know what the stitch is called.  I put the hook under the front bar, draw a loop through, yarn over and draw a […]

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First One for 2017

New Year’s Resolutions: 1. Don’t. 2.  Never forget not to. * — * Resolutions are quoted but original author unknown.  Know who said it?  Please let me know in a comment.

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