Mighty Morphin Rosilocks

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Rosilocks who wanted to go with her friends to the Magical Land of the Power Rangers. But first she had to have a Magical Suit that would allow her to morph into a Power Ranger, or she would not get to go.

So Rosilocks set out on a Quest to Find The Right Fabric. It was a horrible quest. When she finally found some fabric, it was too light.

Too light.

Too light.

So she looked some more. She searched high and low, and finally found another piece of fabric. But alas, this one was too dark.

ranger dark

Too dark!

Poor Rosilocks despaired of ever finding the right fabric to she could join her friend in the Magical Land of the Power Rangers. Time was running out. She had to have her magical suit, or they would leave without her.

Then it happened. After months and months of searching, she finally found the right fabric.

Just right!

Just right! (Well, close enough, anyway.)

And so Rosilocks and her friends all got to dress up in Magical Power Ranger suits, and they lived happily ever after. The end.

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