Inktober 2017

Trying something different.  I haven’t drawn in forever and I can’t remember how, but I’ll give it a shot.  Scroll down for page links.  


notes on Inktober:

  1. Considering that most of these sketches were completed in less than half an hour, I’m quite pleased with the results. If I can produce something recognizable in that little time, it seems logical that if I take more time and sketch more carefully, I could come up with something even better.
  2. My symmetry sucks. See #1.
  3. Funny how some pictures came out more as I intended that others, e.g. the male blood elf looks exactly like a male blood elf but the female version doesn’t look like a blood elf at all.
  4. It feels weird but others have assured me it’s fine to look at a picture while you’re drawing. I’ve seen too many advanced artists draw something fabulous from memory; I thought that was how you were supposed to do it.
  5. Once again, it’s amazing how many things I don’t notice about an object until I try to draw it.
  6. It’s true that you have to be willing to be stupid before you can learn. How will I learn to draw textures unless I can admit I don’t know how?
  7. Piglet and Pooh have very similar faces. You’d never know I set out to draw Pooh, would you?
  8. Static poses are boring. Yes, I began my Hordies by drawing an amigurumi who doesn’t do much but stand there, but still. Pun, yes I know.  Intentional.  The “real” artists don’t do every picture with the subject just standing there, arms and legs by their sides.  They use dynamic poses.
  9. The cat tail in the tree amazed me with its texture. I couldn’t figure out how to do the bark on the pecan tree, it’s difficult in monochrome, and yet the cat’s tail came out surprisingly well. Soft and fluffy.
  10. I think it will take a lot and another lot and still an additional lot of work for me to learn to draw people the way I want to. I wonder if I’m supposed to pick a style I like and study how to draw that, or try out various styles till I find one that’s comfortable, or what?



For the Horde!

For the Horde! part 2

Body parts






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