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Worshiped by Wolves

This meme showed up in my Facebook news feed the other day. It was love at first sight.  (Although I might change “mist” to “fog” to reflect my lupus-scrambled brain.)  I like being linked to a wolf.  From almost the beginning, I have envisioned lupus as an invisible wolf living with me, peaceful most of […]

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I had planned to title this “Maybe I’m Finally Growing Up”, but when I got to work this afternoon, the first thing they asked me to do was draw sunglasses on a smiley-face balloon.  So I changed my mind on the title.  I am not growing up.  I’m just doing adult things.  Like when I […]

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Happy Foot Drop Day

Apropos of everything, I have been in pain for three weeks.  I can’t concentrate, can’t sit still, can’t move around, and worst of all, I can’t drive.  Or I can, but only for short distances for fear that my foot will cramp up on me. It started with excruciating pain in my right hip and […]

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