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Worshiped by Wolves

This meme showed up in my Facebook news feed the other day. It was love at first sight.  (Although I might change “mist” to “fog” to reflect my lupus-scrambled brain.)  I like being linked to a wolf.  From almost the beginning, I have envisioned lupus as an invisible wolf living with me, peaceful most of […]

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Women’s March: Why I March

UPDATE (1/22/17): What a wonderful day it was!  An incredible turnout of marchers, all over the world!  A couple of pics:   And this! Check out the Disability March page.  – – – – – original post: I am marching today in the Women’s March on Washington DC – along with sister marches in […]

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I had planned to title this “Maybe I’m Finally Growing Up”, but when I got to work this afternoon, the first thing they asked me to do was draw sunglasses on a smiley-face balloon.  So I changed my mind on the title.  I am not growing up.  I’m just doing adult things.  Like when I […]

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Not Fiction

I’ve been blogging now for a couple years. Non-fiction is odd for me, but I’ve gotten used to it. It’s been a long long time since I’ve had anything published, and sometimes I find myself thinking, hey, why not write a non-fiction piece and submit it somewhere? But every time I try, my ideas sound […]

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Happy Foot Drop Day

Apropos of everything, I have been in pain for three weeks.  I can’t concentrate, can’t sit still, can’t move around, and worst of all, I can’t drive.  Or I can, but only for short distances for fear that my foot will cramp up on me. It started with excruciating pain in my right hip and […]

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Prove It.

I’m going to start with a scene. It’s early. The alarm goes off. I haven’t had enough sleep. I am not awake. But my subconscious knows the disturbance and knows what it means, and I sit up. My head whirls. I can’t focus. My head won’t stay upright. But the disturbance wants me up. I have […]

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Lupus Awareness Month: Not Here For Your Entertainment

In the previous blog, I listed the lupus that I know. Knowing your enemy, of course, is the first step in defeating it. But the problem is you can’t defeat lupus. You’re welcome to try. I’ve done my share of trying. Most lupies probably do at some point or other. But lupus is part of […]


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