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Not-Resolution 5: Crafts

Blog week again, and there’s another Not-Resolution to write about: crafts.  This was my resolution: “Now that I have a rotary power tool, I should learn how to use it.” Nice coincidence: as it happens, I got the rotary tool out over the weekend to take it for a spin.  Greta left a nifty stick […]

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Time for SLIME

It’s time, people. Time for SLIME! Now that summer is here, quite a few people with school-aged children are already tearing out their hair over summer break. What to do with the kids?! Is it harder these days than it used to be? When I was in school, most of our moms did not have […]

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Elizabeth Taylor and the Black Cat, or How I (sort of) Learned to Stop Embarrassing My Daughter

The time has come to write the black cat story. It’s one of those “sister stories” – a story shared between me and my sisters. Families, be they blood or adopted, have little stories that only they know, stories that contribute to the family mythology. Stories that make the family what it is, that shape […]

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at first glance, by Greta Block

Found this yesterday while sorting through the art room stuff.  It wasn’t with her box o’ notebooks o’ writing; this was with some craft supplies.   at first glance you see whom i say who where would you be without the idea of me formed deep unconscious reveals a whole new ballgame are you pitching […]

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