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Not-Resolution 1: exercise

My idea of posting 1½ blogs per month (an increase from 1 per month last year) has set up a built-in theme of not-resolution blogs. That makes for 6 new blogs right there! So to begin, here’s the first not-resolution blog.   Exercise, focusing on: plantar fasciitis stretches strengthen knees strengthen left leg        Sounds […]


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Not Resolutions, with commentary

Not Resolutions with Commentary by Me and Myself. (I was off taking another nap.) I don’t do resolutions, so I don’t really know why I wrote this list. Probably because I’m in a rut right now and I keep hoping for some fairy godmother to whisk me out of it. And to give me a […]

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The Opposite of No

My life has been full of negatives.  Sometimes it seems like everything I’ve wanted to do has been met with a no.  Everywhere I turned, I was turned down. The earliest ‘no’ I remember happened when I was about 4 years old, in a field behind my grandparents’ house.  My cousins played baseball in that […]

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Pay Now, Buy Much Later?

Working out is hard.  Dieting is hard.  Why?  Because I can’t see anything.  How do people stick with things that have no visible results? I like to do things that I can actually see happening.  Write a short story?  I type word after word and watch the story build before my eyes.  Wash dirty dishes?  […]

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