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The 33¢ Solution

I am not afraid of the dark. Except when I am sick. It started with outrageously high blood pressure and outrageously low platelets, which together can cause bleeding retinas.  Did you know if your retinas bleed, they can detach from your eyeballs and you can end up blind?  The doctors assured me that if the […]

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Not-Resolution 5: Crafts

Blog week again, and there’s another Not-Resolution to write about: crafts.  This was my resolution: “Now that I have a rotary power tool, I should learn how to use it.” Nice coincidence: as it happens, I got the rotary tool out over the weekend to take it for a spin.  Greta left a nifty stick […]

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Time for SLIME

It’s time, people. Time for SLIME! Now that summer is here, quite a few people with school-aged children are already tearing out their hair over summer break. What to do with the kids?! Is it harder these days than it used to be? When I was in school, most of our moms did not have […]

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