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Jessica Fletcher To The Rescue

My daughter, she’s got her weird side.  And by weird, I mean creepy.  Especially back when she was just a little bitty Kidlet. Back in the days when I could still lay her on my bed and change her or dress her after a bath, she would suddenly look up at the ceiling, stare for […]

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Elizabeth Taylor and the Black Cat, or How I (sort of) Learned to Stop Embarrassing My Daughter

The time has come to write the black cat story. It’s one of those “sister stories” – a story shared between me and my sisters. Families, be they blood or adopted, have little stories that only they know, stories that contribute to the family mythology. Stories that make the family what it is, that shape […]

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Why is My Finger on the Internet?

Once upon a time, I was in a relationship with someone who wasn’t very nice. He was nice at first, but the relationship slowly deteriorated until it wasn’t at all pleasant. Now I’m going to tell you why. One reason was that he liked to play games. But not fun ones like Monopoly or Parcheesi. […]


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