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A Yarn About Yarn

~ update at bottom of post ~ Not much to post right now.  I’m working on other things, like outlining a story and crocheting a Scrump doll.   I want to take Scrump to work with me to keep me, Jack Sparrow, and my Winnie-the-Pooh tsum-tsum company, but I know how that would go: “Oh, it’s […]

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The Thing I Made

I made a thing. It’s a hat. But it’s not just any hat.  It’s a Pussyhat. *  I crocheted it with my own little hands in a pretty Tunisian stitch.  I don’t know what the stitch is called.  I put the hook under the front bar, draw a loop through, yarn over and draw a […]

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Yes, a Halloween Post (with Super Special Guest Star)

Only a week late putting on my costume, but after spending so much time on it, I had to show it off.  It’s not just gears and keys and Victoriana.  It’s got little personal touches all over it.  Do you recognize the fandoms?  Pictures first, then at the end, a list of all the little […]

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Not a Halloween post

Due to an unfortunate reaction to a flu vaccine, I didn’t finish the Halloween costume I’d intended to wear today.  Also I’m totally wiped out and don’t see any way to stuff myself into that heavy Steampunk mess. Not yet, anyway.  If I can manage between now and Christmas to get it finished and put […]

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Not-Resolution 5: Crafts

Blog week again, and there’s another Not-Resolution to write about: crafts.  This was my resolution: “Now that I have a rotary power tool, I should learn how to use it.” Nice coincidence: as it happens, I got the rotary tool out over the weekend to take it for a spin.  Greta left a nifty stick […]

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Time for SLIME

It’s time, people. Time for SLIME! Now that summer is here, quite a few people with school-aged children are already tearing out their hair over summer break. What to do with the kids?! Is it harder these days than it used to be? When I was in school, most of our moms did not have […]

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