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What is “30 Days of Shamelessness”?

If by some weird chance you were wondering where all this comes from, “30 Days of Shamelessness” is a 30-day challenge to do one shameless act a day for 30 days. Check out their Facebook page and join in!

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Day 30: Three ways to live shamelessly

Wow, here I am at day 30 already. I went a bit faster than I intended, but there’s so much to do. School starts Monday, and I’d hate to be shamed by not getting my homework done, lol. This has been a really cool venture. It would be neat to do it again later on […]

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Day 29: look a fool.

Here’s a picture from around 1977 of me wearing my Starsky Shoes. It always felt a little foolish to dress like one of my favorite tv star/movie star/singer. I certainly had my share of “who do you think you are? Dressing like _____ won’t hide the fact that you’re a fat loser.” What’s weird is […]

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30 Days of Shamelessness: Day 14

14. hold yourself accountable — not guilty — for something crappy you did to someone else. When a marriage breaks up because of problems between husband and wife, they usually leave with the problems unresolved. Which means the problems continue. And when you have to deal with child custody and child support, that just adds […]

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30 Days of Shamelessness: Day 7

“Day 7: share your efforts at something you don’t think you do well.” What I don’t think I do well: Me. As much as I try, I don’t think I represent myself very well.  I don’t think I give people the impression I hope to, and then they end up thinking I’m something I’m not.  […]

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Day 4: Wasting Time

I am working on “30 Days of Shamelessness”, a wonderfully creative exercise in silliness. Or was it an exercise in getting to know yourself? I can’t recall. Either way, they provide 30 ideas for blogs, Facebook statuses, etc. The first three days were a breeze. I watched an uncool tv show, looked like a fool, […]