Born and raised in Texas, I’ve lived in the same town all my life. Maybe that used to mean something. Nowadays, people seem to think it’s weird. But it’s given me an outlook on life that most people don’t have. Staring at the same houses, traveling the same streets, and going to the same stores year in and year out has allowed me to pick up patterns that others never see. Why does nobody else ever notice these things? Probably because they don’t stand still long enough to see them. Me, I’m good at standing still. I hope I’m as good at recording what I see.



I’m also good at standing still because I have lupus. I go to work, to the grocery store or the dollar store, and occasionally to the library or my parents’ house, and that’s about it. It’s all I can do. Having lupus makes me an “other” – one who is not in the mainstream of life. But I’ve been an other most of my life. I was the fat girl with glasses. Now I’m the fat woman with glasses – and a chronic illness. I’ve been writing since 1978, with my first story published 10 years later. My goal is to write stories about others. Maybe all the stories have been told, but there still are many, many characters we haven’t read about yet. I want to tell their stories. My story. The stories we haven’t heard yet. The “other” stories.


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