A Yarn About Yarn

~ update at bottom of post ~

Not much to post right now.  I’m working on other things, like outlining a story and crocheting a Scrump doll.   I want to take Scrump to work with me to keep me, Jack Sparrow, and my Winnie-the-Pooh tsum-tsum company, but I know how that would go: “Oh, it’s so cute!  You could sell those!”  Same reaction I always get.  Same reaction I got when I brought my M&M dolls to work for Christmas decorations.

Lilo and Scrump

But what if I did make and sell some dolls?  Maybe I could earn a few extra bucks.  Crocheted dolls are fairly easy to make, don’t cost much in supplies, and get really nice reactions when I show them to people.  Or when people see them, even if I don’t show them off.

Let’s see.  The mats, as we used to call them in WoW, would be yarn, thread, stuffing, maybe fabric paint, trims, or buttons.  I bet I could make a medium sized doll, let’s say about 5-8”, not too complex, for less than $10 of materials.  I’m sure they’d sell if I asked $10 each.

But then I’d be only earning back the money I’d spent.  That’s no way to make a profit.

I’d need to add something for my time.  How much should I charge per hour?  How many hours does it take to make a simple doll?  I would guess 3-5 hours, total.  Would $10 an hour be reasonable for an experienced, skilled crocheter?  Counting materials and labor, that would be $40-60 for one medium-sized toy.  I wouldn’t pay that much.  $5 an hour for 3-5 hours comes to $25-35, which still seems a bit high.  A quick googling shows 10″ dolls that sell for $20.  That’s underpaying me for my labor, but it would be a profit, at least.

Then there’s the question of how to sell them.  Online?  Add to the cost the time and effort to package them up and take them to the post office.  In person?  Finding a place to do so would be hard.  We have a Christmas craft fair at work, but I doubt very seriously I could sit at a table all day.  Plus they usually charge a fee to participate, which would also cut into any profits.  Plus the effort of bookkeeping and the fact that all this mental arithmetic is wearing me out… I think I’ll stick with writing.

I’ll finish my Scrump and she can go to work with me.  Maybe Jack Sparrow will offer her a bite of his ice cream cone.  And if anyone suggests I “make them and sell them”, I’ll just say, “Yeah, that might be a good idea.”  They’ll forget about it by next week, anyway, and I’ll be left to admire my little companions who make my desk seem a little more like home.  


Update June 3, 2017: Scrump.


The completed Scrump.


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