Mine. (Again.)

People always ask: “What kind of books do you like to read? What kind of movies do you watch? TV shows? What music do you listen to?”

I say good ones.

I don’t go for genres. I don’t like sitcoms as a rule, but once in a while I find one I like. I don’t care for SF but there are exceptions. Same with Westerns. Not all fantasy is created equal. Music? I’m all over the map.

People want to know what kind of stories I write. Same answer. But I know people like to categorize things. They want to know what a story is. Publishers want to know. Bookstores want to know.

I tried to pick a genre. Fantasy seemed to have the most potential, the most possibility. And I still believe it does. But even then, fantasy comes with certain ideas, certain connotations. You still have to fall in line. Your stories have to possess a common subject, setting, or theme, or no one will read them.

But I just can’t.

I can’t stick with one genre. And why should I? Every story should be held individually. Every plot needs its own setting – whatever works best for that plot. My stories don’t want to be forced into places they don’t belong.

So I’ve failed as a writer. I can’t stick with one category. I can’t stay in the lines. Nobody will read my stories and nobody will publish my stories because I can’t stick to one predictable genre, or so they tell me.  I will never be a successful author.  (“Successful” being a word which here means “published more or less regularly and paid more often than not”.)

So what?  I’ve failed at a lot of other things, too.  Nothing else I do fits what I “should” be; why should writing be any different?  What gets me is that I have to keep learning, for each thing I do, that’s it’s okay to be me.  Possibly I will fail at everything people say I “must” do or be, but you’d think by now I’d be used to it.  That I’d simply give up trying to fit their expectations and just do me.  Someday I should look into why I have to go through this for every little thing I do.

But for now, the fiction blog is the issue. I did stumble across one thing common to many of my fiction stories.  Maybe that’s enough to put a theme to my blog.  Maybe that’s enough to give me some type of identity as a writer.

If you want to check it out, the fiction blog is at libbyblock.wordpress.com. I might be really fancy and give the blog an official title, too, if I can think of one.

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