The Thing I Made

pussyhat-mats-smI made a thing.

It’s a hat.

But it’s not just any hat.  It’s a Pussyhat. * 

I crocheted it with my own little hands in a pretty Tunisian stitch.  I don’t know what the stitch is called.  I put the hook under the front bar, draw a loop through, yarn over and draw a loop through the first loop; then repeat in the next stitch.  It comes out softer than plain Tunisian crochet.  The band is plain single crochet. 

I didn’t have enough pink to make an entire hat so I added the dark red to go with it.  Then I tried it on to make sure it fit okay.  Then I added a note, folded it up, and stuffed it in an envelope to mail to the Women’s March on Washington DC.  Have fun, little hat!  I hope you get to ride along on someone’s head for the march!  It’s nice to think that even if I can’t make the march myself, some little part of me can. 



*   See and/or for more details. 



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