Yes, a Halloween Post (with Super Special Guest Star)

Only a week late putting on my costume, but after spending so much time on it, I had to show it off.  It’s not just gears and keys and Victoriana.  It’s got little personal touches all over it.  Do you recognize the fandoms?  Pictures first, then at the end, a list of all the little surprises. 








belt-left belt-right






And here’s the Super Special Guest Star: Mr. Tiger Lee Treat, local celebrity and the biggest little dog around.  Oh, wait, he says no, he’s not a dog: “There are no dogs here.  Only turtles.  Turtles want to be outside.  Open the door, human, and let me outside.  Then bring me some of that burger dog food you’re always giving the turtles.”



Surprises list:

Hat: feathers for my pen name (nom de plume) and Auri’s Broken Gear from “Slow Regard of Silent Things” by Patrick Rothfuss.

Earrings: left side: tea kettle and tea cup (filled with Earl Grey, hot, decaf, most likely). Right side: a wolf for lupus and a lone star for Texas (trust me, the star is there, it’s just hard to photograph). 

Shirt: a pin holding the pocket watch I got for graduating high school.

Left wrist: rose cameo ring (for my favorite flower and my daughter); finger armor that belonged to my sister Greta. Flute charm on wristlet.

Right wrist: guitar pin on wristlet; Horde ring (World of Warcraft).

Corset: dragonfly in honor of Greta; turtle charm for my pet turtles.  Thimble.

Belt: Jack Sparrow belt buckle (Pirates of the Caribbean); various pirate stuff from me days before the mast; miniature Gorehowl (World of Warcraft).

Left shoe: Tiger’s name tag.

Right shoe: pendant from Barbossa’s necklace (Pirates of the Caribbean).


Thanks to my parents for helping with the photos and to Agnes the wonder dummy for being my stand-in.

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