Not a Halloween post

Due to an unfortunate reaction to a flu vaccine, I didn’t finish the Halloween costume I’d intended to wear today.  Also I’m totally wiped out and don’t see any way to stuff myself into that heavy Steampunk mess. Not yet, anyway.  If I can manage between now and Christmas to get it finished and put it on, then there will be an official Halloween post.  Till then, this will have to do.

Yesterday, in 20 minutes flat, I threw together a makeshift Harriet the Spy costume, thinking that would be simple enough.  But this morning, the thought of wearing that wig and hoodie when it’s going to be in the high 80s today is enough to send me back to bed.










So for one last idea, courtesy of a Twitter friend, I’ll dress as a worgen in human form.


There.  Now, “Get gabbin’ or get goin’.”

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