A Little Bit Longer

Can’t we make this morning last a little longer?

2016 has been such a tough year, not just for me but for many people.  But today it’s Friday. I’m done working for the week; it’s the beginning of a 3-day weekend.  I got up this morning to a beautiful fall rain: cool but not cold.  Again I realized how wonderful it is to have windows that open and let in the cool air and the sweet sound of raindrops.  The neighbor who played loud music at all hours moved out last week so there’s nothing covering up the rain.  The air conditioner is silent.  There’s nothing but falling raindrops for sound.

rain4I have a stash of good books to read, my Halloween costume is coming along well, and at last I figured out how to crochet a proper dragonscale stitch so I can work on that hood I want for when the weather gets cold.  I have a new favorite singer, a new favorite band, a new favorite actor, and new ideas for the novel that’s been plaguing me for the past couple years, plus I’m in a wonderful new craft group on Facebook.  Inspiration surrounds me more than it has in years.

Sometimes, when things are really bad and stress nearly drowns me, I wish someone were here to put his arms around me and tell me, “Right now, everything is okay.”  That’s what I most need to hear when things are awful, because if I can exist in one bad minute, I can make it.


But right now, I don’t need anyone to remind me.  Right now, everything is okay.  Right now, the air is soft and sweet.  There’s enough money in the bank. The dog is sleeping peacefully.  Nothing hurts.  The rain has washed the ragweed pollen away, the thick clouds shelter me from the harsh, hot sun.  Everything is calm.  Everything is sweet.

Right now, everything is okay.

Can’t we keep it that way a little bit longer?


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