Off to camp again!

Camp NaNoWriMo begins today.  I almost forgot.

*panic*snoopy writer

Never fear, there’s plenty to write.  There’s never an end to the things I want to write.  There is also a huge stack of books waiting for my attention.  There’s never and end to the things I want to read, either.  You’ve got to read if you want to write.  Maybe I need a Camo NaNoReMo (National Novel Reading Month) so I can catch up.

So just a short blog today.  I have yet to finish anything during NaNoWriMo or Camp, but I do get some writing done.  It’s a good excuse to say, “I’m in writing camp this month, I have to go home and write.”  If you write, or you want to write, or you think maybe you want to write, give Camp NaNo a try.  You can set your own goals and write whatever you want.

I’m beyond poor, so I just ignore their incessant pleas for money and just go in to write.  You don’t have to pay to play, after all.  You can simply go and write and know that there are thousands of other people just like you out there.  You’re not all that strange, and, come to think of it, neither am I.

You want to be a writer?  Then get to writing.  Today.

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