Sick Doggy: How an Ear Infection Turned into a Rock Musical

It is not polite to laugh at someone else’s discomfort but sometimes it happens. Sometimes things get so ridiculously bad that you find yourself laughing. Like a couple days ago. As if me and my daughter both being sick wasn’t enough, the dog had to get an ear infection. He wanted to fit in, I suppose.

Have you ever seen a blind dog being driven guano crazy by itchy ears? It’s really sad. He was barking and grinding his ears into the carpet and honking like a goose. He tried to get up and shake it off, but it didn’t seem to do any good. He rubbed his ears on anything he could reach. Being blind and off-balance from the itchy ears, he ran into every piece of furniture. Every one. He’d scratch his ears a bit on whatever piece of furniture he’d found, then he’d run off and crash into the next obstacle and scratch his ears again.

tiger fly 5 12 11-001

Itch scratch itch scratch scratch IT NEVER ENDS!

Watching him was like watching some bizarre pinball game.

Maybe the pillows will help?

Maybe the pillows will help?

Come to think of it, Tommy was blind. Also deaf and dumb. Tiger has the blind part down, and we’re pretty sure he’s hard of hearing because he doesn’t respond to noises very well. But no, he’s definitely not dumb. That dog lets us know when he’s unhappy, and he lets us know loudly.

In which case, we don’t have a dog. We have 2/3 of a pinball wizard on our hands. Or maybe he’s 2/3 of a pinball. Rather than playing, he is part of the game, bumping from the sofa to the chair to the coffee table to the shelves and back again. Maybe I should install noisemakers on all the furniture and doors and walls so when he runs into them, we’ll hear buzzers and bells and have multi-colored lights flashing. All we need is The Who playing in the background, and we’ll be set. At least until his ear infection clears up.

Whee! Look at me! I’m a pinball wizard! But my ears are driving me crazy!

And the point of all this?  (Yes, there’s a point.)  Tiger has a GoFundMe page to help pay for his vet bills and medicines.  He’d appreciate if you could click the link so he can stop itching and bumping and get some sleep.  Sick Is A Dog

What Tiger really wants: a good nap. And a snack when he wakes up.

What Tiger really wants: a good nap. And a snack when he wakes up.

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