Oops, I’m a little behind on my blogs.  I scheduled one per month for myself and then forgot about February.

I don’t know what to write.  I’m tired of medical stuff.  I’ve given up fiction writing till I get my head wrapped around this medical stuff, so there’s a nice dilemma.  Haven’t been able to concentrate on reading or movies, so I’m just flitting around, watching some TV, washing a few dishes here and there, doing a load of laundry, and taking lots of naps.  I wonder if I should add some belt loops to my pants so I can wear them.  Adding the liquid-diet weight I lost in the hospital, I’m now having some noticeable issues with my pants being too big.  I don’t have any blue fabric left to match my blue pants, but since my belt is black, wouldn’t black belt loops be okay?   Or I could sew on buttons and attach my suspenders.  That would be cute.

Or not.

First thing tomorrow I’m heading out to the county hospital’s local clinic to apply for “funding”.  Haven’t been to the county hospital in about 4 years.  Are they getting funny now?  They would not release my referrals until I am “funded”.  It’s not financial aid anymore; now it’s funding.  But I bet it’s still the same old hassle, and no matter how many pieces of paper I take with me, they’ll want more.

Seems silly to do a blog post when I have nothing particular to say.  But I’m still here, suspenders, liver, kidneys, and all.  A big chunk of life seems to be distracting oneself (or others, especially children) from stress, and I’m trying hard to find some distractions.  Nothing too involved, nothing too demanding.  Just some light, silly stuff to help me forget the serious junk.

I think I’ll go read the bot comments in my blog comment queue.  Those are always good for a laugh or two.

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