Not-Resolution 5: Crafts

Blog week again, and there’s another Not-Resolution to write about: crafts.  This was my resolution:

“Now that I have a rotary power tool, I should learn how to use it.”

Power tool.  With safety googles!

Power tool. With safety googles!

Nice coincidence: as it happens, I got the rotary tool out over the weekend to take it for a spin.  Greta left a nifty stick behind that I thought might make an even niftier cane, but it was a bit long for me.

Nifty-looking stick before its trip to the garage.

I took it out in the garage, sawed off the end to make it a more comfortable length, and then – finally – got out the rotary tool to do some preliminary sanding and smooth down the cut places.  So all these months after Christmas, I finally put my present to use and fulfilled my resolution.

Don’t look at me like that.  I’m busy.  Sleeping, mostly, and though it doesn’t say as much in the instruction book, I suspect it’s not a good idea to use power tools while you’re asleep.

I tried out one of my leftover Sculpey projects.  The hole-drilling was a raging success, but I don’t understand why when you sand Sculpey, the color disappears.

Leftover Sculpey piece

Leftover Sculpey piece

Back to the stick.  Cool side trip: the stick has a bunch of cracks in it, and when I went to Lowe’s to buy some wood filler, there was a gorgeous hackney cab in the store’s parking lot.  Wish I’d had my camera.  It was a beautiful dark red, all clean and shiny.  I wonder where it came from (other than England, you sillies) and how it got there.

Like this one, only a dark red.  **

Like this one, only a dark red. **

Back home, I washed the dirt off the nifty-looking stick and then got my can of canned air and blew the dust out of the cracks and then squished in some wood filler.  Next morning I sanded the filler and added a bit more filler in some smaller cracks I hadn’t previously noticed.

I’m not sure how sturdy the side branch is.  I don’t want it to break off, but it looks copacetic, so for now I think I’ll just leave it.

Side branch, on top, with unsanded filler.

One really nifty thing about the nifty stick is the hollow crotch…

Hollow crotch (You may snicker at will).

Hollow crotch (You may snicker at will).

…although the places that look like worm trails are pretty nifty, too.

Wormy-looking things.

Wormy-looking things.

I suspect this branch came from a crepe myrtle tree, possibly the same one that provided the legs for the table Greta made.

Greta's table with five legs.

Greta’s table with five legs.

Not sure yet how I want to finish the wood.  There are some cans of wood finish in the garage, which may have been what she used on the table.  But I’m not sure if I like the color.  It seems kind of uneven on the table legs, and I might prefer something with a more solid coverage.  The wood itself isn’t that spectacular, aside from the bumps and hollows.  Also I need to pick out some decorations for it.  Leather strips would be nice and maybe some shinies of some sort.

There’s work left to do, and when I’m done, I’ll add a final picture.  Meanwhile I did break in the rotary tool, so I’ve kept that not-resolution.  Cross one more off the list.

**London taxi picture credit: “1937BeardmoreTaxi” by dave_7 – originally posted to Flickr as 1937 Beardmore Taxi. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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