Time for SLIME

It’s time, people. Time for SLIME!

Now that summer is here, quite a few people with school-aged children are already tearing out their hair over summer break. What to do with the kids?! Is it harder these days than it used to be? When I was in school, most of our moms did not have jobs outside the home. Nowadays, most moms do have regular jobs and have to find something safe to do with their kids, so yes, I guess it is different. Most of the kids are put into structured daycare where they don’t get much free play. Everything is scheduled. If we did go someplace, it usually wasn’t arranged ahead of time. If it was, it didn’t happen very often. Mostly we had to find things to do. One thing my sisters and I were good at was making things.ins cover

And that’s how “SLIME Illustrated” was born. The suggestion came from a library book whose name has long since been forgotten: make your own magazine. That summer I would have been 14/15 and Greta was 10/11. (Rachel, being 5, was still a bit young to help out.) We had so much fun working on our inaugural issue that we put together a second issue later on, and then a third, and so on until we had 8 issues altogether. Then we switched over to our new love, the A-Team, and did one issue of “Soldiers of Forethought” before finally exhausting our interest and moving on to other things.

It would be nice to scan and copy all of the issues. Some of them are beginning to fall apart. The first issue consisted of pages of old copier paper glued together, and the glue is drying out. The construction paper has faded in places, and some of the ink has smudged, making it difficult to read. But it would be a huge project to copy them all. So I think I’ll just post some of my favorite images and show what two bored kids can do with paper, pens, scissors, glue, and a bunch of free time.

SLIME Illustrated

  1. #1 by Rachel Smith on June 11, 2015 - 3:06 pm

    It makes me so happy to see those again – I remember being completely in awe of Slime.

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