Not-Resolution 3: Writing

Resolution #3 – oops , make that NOT Resolution #3 – was about writing. How appropriate, considering that Camp NaNoWriMo started today (April 1, as I write this). I’d hoped to write a short story but honestly, I can’t remember how.

As far as this ridiculous novel, I work on it steadily for a while and then kind of taper off. The good news is that every time I work on it, more new ideas show up. The story fits together a little better, although it’s still not a novel. I still can’t tell you what it’s about. It began with an imagined biography of Grom Hellscream, but it’s changed into something else. The character based on Grom has been pushed to the background as other characters take over.

As far as camp, I hoped to work on a short story, or at least a self-contained story so I could actually bring it to an end.  A story from the main character’s background came to mind. It’s a story about her grandparents and how something that happened in their lives still affects her. Writing it will be a little different because this time I’m not going to do the write-every-day thing. I have so much to do and so few spoons that everything must be rationed carefully. The only way for me to get anything done is to set aside time for it. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are workout days. Tuesday, Thursday, and either Saturday or Sunday are for writing.

At any rate, I don’t really know what to write for this blog. My not-resolution included ‘keep working on that novel’, which I have been, and ‘blog more often’, which I’ve also done. The other resolution was to write short stories, but honestly, I’ve forgotten how. And this happens every single time I sit down to start a short story, even when I’ve been in the middle of a writing class and just finished one story.  How do I write the next one?!

I have no explanation for why I can’t remember how to write a short story. I’ve written scads of them. Maybe it’s like an actor forgetting her lines seconds before she has to go onstage. I stare at the blank notebook or the empty screen and I’m totally lost. It’s not writer’s block.  There are hundreds of ideas running around in my brain.  I simply don’t know where to begin.

Tonight, the first night of NaNo camp, I will begin by listing the characters and the basic idea of what’s supposed to happen. Maybe that will get me started. I hope. I hate to think that after a month of writing and 10,000 words (my chosen goal), I still have nothing.  Guess I’ll just have to put one word in front of another and see what happens.

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