What I Did For Spring Break

Thanks to a sleet/ice/snow storm, Spring Break 2015 started a little early. Nope, I didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t party. That’s not the way I do it. Working, even part time, takes all my spoons (google “Spoon Theory” for more info) so I don’t get anything done during the week, and my house gets increasingly chaotic. It makes me happy on my week off to catch up on housework and chores that don’t usually get done. Then when I go back to the daily grind, I can come home to a somewhat more organized house, at least for a few days. It’s a nice feeling.

Thursday: Took all my books out of the book shelves, arranged them by subject, and put them back. When we moved in 3 years ago, I shoved the books in wherever I could find room. In the ensuing mess of remodeling, the books have been moved and removed many times and only partially arranged. So I finally set them all right. It makes me happy to know I can find stuff now. Ostensibly, anyway.

Friday: West Library was holding a book for me, so I picked that up plus got an armload of other books to keep me entertained for the week. There’s nothing quite as lovely as bringing home a big bag of books. I could just sit there and hug them and sniff them for hours. On my way back I stopped for groceries. Snacks and books: a perfect holiday.

Saturday: Swept and mopped the living room. Yes, mopped. Moved furniture and area rug. Swept all the trash that had fallen under the sofa. Also neatened up the pictures on the wall so everything is even. Now I have a clean, attractive room in which to eat snacks and read. And write.

Sunday: Moved my desk so I could hang my long-lost bulletin board next to it. Glued rock on stick; said rock has been sitting on my computer for almost 3 years, waiting for glue. Taped rock in place till glue dries. Trimmed dog’s ear hair so he won’t get his foot caught in it again like he did last night. Did usual laundry and ‘med racs’, whatever that is. My handwriting isn’t the greatest.

Monday: Poked around in the DAV Thrift Store for a bit. Bought wonderfully soft sweater, a studded gray shirt for work, a t-shirt, another book (I have room for more since I cleaned up), and a Music Man DVD. Also did a 30-minute workout. Really pushing that left leg. Glue did not hold rock to stick so I hung stick on wall and put rock back on computer.

Tuesday: Took kid to parents’ house for a while. Daughter’s boyfriend helped me haul old worn-out recliner out to the curb. Chair still works but vinyl is cold in the winter and sticky in the summer, and every time I lay the chair back, some part of its mechanism pokes me in the butt. Someone took it away not an hour later. Hope they enjoy it. I should have posted a warning on it, though: this chair likes to eat sweaters. Also did some writing and reading.

Wednesday: Washed clothes that were in bathroom hamper. Daughter’s laundry. Her Christmas Eve shirt was still in there. Got tired of (1) the smell and (2) reminding her to do her laundry. Now bathroom looks better. Smells better, too. Washed dishes, looked on internet for a job and checked ISP prices. Went to Walmart for something or other and ended up with a chocolate mint plant. Did 10-minute workout with arms only as my legs were killing me.

Thursday: Wrote, painted a bisque flower pot so it would hold water a little better, repotted some plants, cooked 2.75 pounds of hamburger. (I like to cook for several days ahead because I’m not overly fond of cooking.) Washed dishes.

Friday: Raining yet again. What is this, two solid weeks now of rain/sleet/snow? Did not mow grass. Took dog with me to take back some library books. Got Sonic for supper since kidlet had cash for a tip. I hardly ever have cash, so we only make it to Sonic maybe once or twice a year. Wrote. Read. 30 minute workout, focusing on legs since I missed them on Wednesday.

Saturday: Helped kid get ready for convention. Hemmed sleeves of shirt that’s been sitting on my sewing machine since Khal Drogo was still alive. Made an apple pie for Pi Day. Wrote some more. Gave neighbors permission to go in my backyard to look for a missing rooster they were babysitting. Went to bed early to watch POTC: At World’s End, but I think we finally wore it out. DVD wouldn’t work in either DVD player or on computer, so I watched A Series of Unfortunate Events instead.

Sunday: Did usual Sunday laundry. Bought pantyhose for kid to wear to convention. Ordered a pair of tights for kid so I don’t have to keep buying pantyhose and also ordered a used DVD of At World’s End. Spent most of day eating pie or grumbling about spending my last day of Spring Break with a sinus headache. Wrote this for next blog.

Conclusion: Didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped, which is par for the course around here. Didn’t find another job to apply for. Why are part-time jobs so scarce? Did not get bathroom cleaned, either. However, my living room looks pretty nice and maybe I’ve accomplished something with my fiction writing. Didn’t find an idea for a short story like I hoped, but maybe I got a little closer. I know what my main characters look like now. Did not finish dog’s haircut. He still has mats on his legs. At least I got the ones off his ear. And the bathroom hamper is empty now. I shall finish out the week by watching Once Upon a Time and doing some more reading and writing before bed. And that is about all the spoons I have for this week.

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