Not-Resolution 2: diet


  1. cut back on chocolate.

Ugh.  I don’t want to write about diet.  So much myth and misunderstanding.  Why do I think I need to cut back on chocolate?  Because it’s extra calories I don’t need.  I get plenty of food otherwise – food that has nutrients and vitamins and protein and all the stuff my body uses to keep itself alive and kicking.  Also, most of the chocolate I eat is commercially made so it’s full of chemicals and preservatives and colorings and all sorts of weird things I can’t identify without Google’s help.

Of course, the second I say, “I need to eat less chocolate”, I start having horrible cravings for it.  I have to have it. Then I end up eating even more than I would have if I hadn’t told myself to stop.

Maybe a compromise would work. I wonder what would happen if I allowed myself to eat chocolate, but only if it’s as unprocessed as possible?  While I have no real proof, I suspect that all these processors (is that what you call the chemicals and additives in food?) are not helping my immune system any.  So maybe that will work.  Maybe I can trick my brain into thinking I’m still allowing it to have “the good stuff” so it won’t demand more and more and more junk food.




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