Not-Resolution 1: exercise

My idea of posting 1½ blogs per month (an increase from 1 per month last year) has set up a built-in theme of not-resolution blogs. That makes for 6 new blogs right there! So to begin, here’s the first not-resolution blog.

Exercise, focusing on:

  1. plantar fasciitis stretches
  2. strengthen knees
  3. strengthen left leg

       Sounds good to me. Of course, naming things to do is only part of it. You have to figure out how to accomplish this feat with your feet. And knees. And don’t forget the arms.  

I wrote a blog all about exercise, but it didn’t come out right. It was just silly fluff.

Then I saw the commercials.

I was feeling bad (or maybe sad) because for 2015 I decided to take a step backward in my workouts. I have so much trouble with my feet that regular workouts just weren’t working out. I’d go a few weeks, maybe a couple months, sometimes only a few days, and my foot would hurt again and I’d have to stop. It’s not what I wanted. I wanted to get back into ballet. But it wasn’t succeeding. I had to face facts. I’d have to try something else if I wanted to keep working out.

What am I doing now? “Sit and Be Fit” DVDs. It’s not what I wanted. Truth is I can’t do what I wanted. How far can you get when you take 2 steps forward and 1.95 steps back?

At roughly the same time as this happened, one of the local TV stations scheduled a Superman marathon. Seeing those commercials reminded me that Christopher Reeve continued to exercise even after he was paralyzed. He couldn’t do what he used to, and he had to have machines helping him, but he exercised. He regained the use of his fingers, which was a huge triumph.

Sitting around saying I can’t do this, I can’t do that, isn’t really helping. It’s necessary, believe me. You have to know where you stand, so to speak, so you can figure out where to go next. You can’t fly like Superman anymore. You can’t do ballet anymore. But what can you do?

My real resolution should be this: focus on what I CAN do rather than what I WANT to do, because what I want to do really doesn’t matter anymore. My body has been taken over by a tyrant who apparently doesn’t like Baryshnikov, but I can keep trying other things till I find something that works. If I have to sit on my butt to work out, well, at least I’m working out. I’m not just sitting on my butt; I’m sitting on my butt and using my muscles. And that’s something I can do.


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