Not Resolutions, with commentary

Not Resolutions

with Commentary

by Me and Myself. (I was off taking another nap.)

I don’t do resolutions, so I don’t really know why I wrote this list. Probably because I’m in a rut right now and I keep hoping for some fairy godmother to whisk me out of it. And to give me a nice new wardrobe and a four-in-hand and maybe some pet mice.

On second thought, skip the mice. I don’t want any more pets. I have enough to tend to now.

Fairy godmother or no, resolutions or play-it-by-ear, it would still help to write it down. It helps to see what’s there, to know what you’re facing. Listen to yourself for once and do it.  

Yeah, okay. I’ll write some stuff down. Ideally, in some sort of perfect world where I was a normal person, I would resolve to work on these items.


Exercise, focusing on:

  1. plantar fasciitis stretches
  2. strengthen knees
  3. strengthen left leg

Sounds good to me. Of course, naming things to do is only part of it. You have to figure out how to accomplish this feat with your feet. And knees. And don’t forget the arms.  



  1. cut back on chocolate.

No, really. You eat waaaaay too much chocolate, dude. Like all the time. It needs to stop.



  1. Write some short stories.

Fanfiction is okay for practice, maybe do a couple, but you need to work on some original stories. Maybe you can find some in that mess you call a novel.

  1. Try to get a couple short stories published.

Dude, come on. Don’t make it too hard or you’ll never carry it out. Publishing is not a one-person job. Stories must be approved by the people doing the publishing – and that’s not you. You cannot make resolutions for anyone else. All you can do is what YOU can do. Instead of “get a couple stories published”, you should aim more for “submit a couple stories to magazines/websites/etc.”. That is within your power. Publishing stories is not.

  1. Keep working on that novel.

Yep, I really do think there’s something there. You just have to keep looking. It just needs more exploration to find what it is, what story wants to be told. I really like the whole shaman thing, it’s a different idea, it fits your own story, and… and what else? Follow that lead and see where it goes.

  1. Blogs.

How many? Last year you did one a month. Can you go for 2 posts per month, or is that too much? Maybe 1½ per month would be better. You don’t want to set unreasonable goals.



  1. P.U. I don’t even want to think about it.

Yeah, I know. Looking for another job sucks, but you know your current situation is leading to failure. Not enough money to pay bills, let alone buy groceries, play World of Warcraft, and buy your meds. You really need a job that pays more or you might as well just give up and go live in a dumpster.



Now that I have a rotary power tool, I should learn how to use it.

Sounds like a good idea.


Social stuff

I know you won’t list this one, but it’s important. I know how much you hate the idea of dealing with ‘people’. Yeah, it’s hard when they have no idea what you’re talking about. But it’s fun, isn’t it, when you find someone who shares the same interests? And trust me, there are people in the world who are as weird as you are, who understand what you say and what you like and why. You just have to look.


Okay, now I can say I made some resolutions.  And that’s all I have to do, right?


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