The Plan

Last year, after the round of emails & letters with Christie Golden, I decided that I needed to get my name out there more.  Nobody’s likely to read my blog or my stories if they don’t know who I am.  I think I’ve made a pretty good start.  Joined some groups, writer and otherwise; posted on some forums; reached out to some better-known people whom I would not have had the guts to address before.  It seems to be going fairly well.  So far I haven’t seriously pissed anyone off – not that I know of – although one guy won’t answer me anymore.  But that’s just the way it goes.  You can’t hit it off with everyone.

All things considered, it’s good.  Even if people don’t know who I am, they’ll see my name.  I was pleased when one guy mispronounced my name.  I corrected him, so he said it again, the right way.  Two mentions in one!  A bit of psychology, perhaps, but a good bit.

What’s up for next year, then?  Writing, of course.  I need more stories on my blogs.  I would love to get a couple things published, for real.  Haven’t done that in a while, and I need to keep it going.  Getting my name out there is not going to help if I don’t do anything with it.  I’ll have to decide what I’m writing and where I can get it published.  Grammarly is planning to publish their NaNo Novel, and I’m supposed to get credit for my part.  That will be fun: my first book.

Something else I can do is learn about webmaster tools for WordPress.  Maybe I can get the blog out there some more, get more publicity.

And keep talking to people.  That is so much easier for me to do online than in person.  The Internet makes things so much easier.  I can find magazines and publishers I would never have known about if I’d had to research them in person.  I can meet far more people, too.

Most of all, I need patience.  This isn’t going fast.  A snail crawling through molasses would be speedier.  Sometimes I wish I could find a gimmick that would get me noticed, but for the most part, that doesn’t happen.  Part of me wants to be the latest Internet viral star, but part of me knows better.  It’s just a matter of stick-to-it-ive-ness.

The plan is simple.  (1) Write, because with no stories, there’s nothing to read.

(2) Get published, because if the stories sit on my computer, no one can read them.

(3) Do the publicity thing by meeting people, expanding my circles, and getting my name known.

Yep, it sounds simple enough.  Unless I can find a fairy godmother, I’ll stick with that for the next year and see what happens.


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