Such thin fabric!

Fair warning: I’m ruminating on the current state of male private parts.  If you have something better to do than read this, go right ahead.

This afternoon, while I was parked in front of the high school waiting for dismissal, a teenaged boy walked past my car.  Like many other males of that age, he was wearing jeans tugged down below his private parts.  Above the waistband, he was covered (?) by a rather thin pair of boxers.  His t-shirt stopped at his waistline.

Such thin fabric showed a very detailed outline of what he had beneath the undies.  Not particularly impressive sight, I might add, but very obvious since the male walked right by my window, and if you haven’t already noticed, a car window sits at just about crotch height.  I supposed it’s the male equivalent of a female wearing no bra so her nipples show, and there’s really only one reason to do that.

But it got me to wondering.  Teenage males of the human race are rumored to be prone to having erections, oh, about every 17.5 minutes, from what I hear.  Personally I can’t attest to that fact.  But with this fad of having only one’s undies to cover one’s private parts, I had to wonder: what do they do when these legendary happenings… happen?   There was an episode of “Roseanne” where the menfolk discussed how they concealed what they called a “problem”.  Has it now become fashionable to expose one’s erection?  If not, then what do they do about it?

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