2012 Resolutions

A two-fer this year. I resolve to:
1.) Stop listening to men – on personal matters. What right do they have to tell us we have to be ‘perfect’ in order to deserve their attention? I’m sick of men refusing to date someone or even to take her seriously because she’s not thin enough or not pretty enough or her boobs are too small, or whatever their preference may be. What gives them the right to insist on only ‘perfect’ women? Have they looked in the mirror lately? They certainly are not ‘perfect’ – in any way. So what gives them the right to demand that we have to be ‘perfect’? I resolve not just not to listen to such proclamations anymore but also not to accept them. When you’re perfect, dude, you can demand only perfect women in your life. Till then, shut up. I’m not playing that game anymore, and I’m immensely sorry I ever fell for it in the first place.
2.) Find what I should be writing. Not non-fiction; I have no interest in being a journalist. Technical writing bores the heck out of me. Blogs are okay, but they don’t offer the challenges and the rewards that fiction does. Contemporary fiction isn’t very attractive, either. It’s too much like real life. Historical fiction is more challenging; it’s a possibility. Fanfiction would be my first choice, but it’s the red-headed stop-child of the literary world, and there’s not much chance of getting any recognition from that. It would be really fantastic to edit a website that published the best of the best of WoW fanfiction. Face it, Blizzard doesn’t do a great job with their stories. But Blizzard is in the business of making games, not stories. Warcraft’s wonderful characters and rich lore deserve a lot better stories than they get. Real writers could take those stories and run with them and show everyone how wonderful the tales of Azeroth could really be.
But I digress. I should focus on one thing and write that, rather than skipping around from genre to genre. It’s hard to get a good footing when you keep hopping around.

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