Photoshopping: are women alone?

Lately there have been numerous stories exposing how the media photoshop pictures of women to make them look thinner, younger, bigger breasted, etc – in other words, to make them look less like themselves and more like some ridiculous ideal.  Thank goodness someone decided to publicize this.  Now we know what’s going on, we can’t ignore it.  They are trying to force-feed us a bunch of lies.  Even the so-called beautiful women don’t really look like beautiful women in real life.  

Women are the ones who complain about photoshopping.  Women are the ones who say those pictures are impossible.  We’re not falling for your lies anymore.  We’re not going to starve ourselves to try (and fail) to fit into some unattainable ‘perfection’ because it doesn’t exist.  We can be beautiful without being skeletal.  But what I want to know is… where are all the men in this?  

I’ve heard a scant few guys show support and say that those stick-thin women are scary, but they almost always say it off the record.  For 99 women exposing the truth, I hear only 1 man agreeing.  Don’t guys have the balls to come out and say hey, I’d rather have a real, healthy woman than some bony plastic-breasted super model?  Are they just too scared to stand up on their own and go against the tide because “every” guy wants a super model in his bed?  Could they be scared to speak their minds?  Are (most) men incapable of thinking for themselves and seeing the truth in all these media-driven lies?  Or do they truly desire only the emaciated “beautiful” models and actresses and singers that the media insist are the only way women can be? 

I’m listening, guys.  Where are you?  What do you think about photoshopping women to make them look unreal? Are you worried at all because your wives/girlfriends/mothers/daughters are being caught up in this swamp of propaganda and ruining their health and their self-esteem while they try in vain to become acceptably beautiful?  Or do you still believe that if they only tried hard enough, women could indeed become perfect?

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